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Me: 17 YO live:bukit pasir languange:chinese.malay.english..little indian wanna b: lecturer ANd fashIon desiGner~
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Friday, January 21, 2011

after 2 Years never so close To chIenese Frenz....

TANx My chienese frenz TIAn eNn And xiang weN....u GUys the bez...hahhaha alThouGh Im nOT So Close to u guys but spenDing litte time THis afterNoon make me comfortable and make mewanna  be fRenz wit u both.......tanx again for The ice cream  ......Yummy~

tian en and xiang wenG

NOw i KNow ..NOt all chinese student in HSm r SOmbong~but some only.....heheheh tanx to u guys lorh sorry becoz mY chinese LANguage KIndA suck bezcoZ u know lONg do Not taLk in chienese ......hehehhe....but im glad some Of u can stIll understand what i sAid........i HAve nOThing 2 write ,,,,beCoz some i have zero idea what to tian en and xiang wen thank you for opening my new Vision of the chinese student in hsm...hehehhe  in conclusion hsm chienese studeNt r!  VArieTy of aTtitUde!!!! hehehehhe cool ha!!.....