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Me: 17 YO live:bukit pasir languange:chinese.malay.english..little indian wanna b: lecturer ANd fashIon desiGner~
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My FAbulUS Cousin!!

.... BUtterFly..stylista.....that suit for THem....NANA ...DURA,...and Isha~.....hahahah 3 sister that can amke the world BOom BOOm POW!! u'll c 90210? they r same  naomi and her sis but they consist of 3 ladies......

their life seem so simple..dah mcm paris hilton dah..hahahahha the closest between them 3 r NANA ....hahah c giler..the crazy oen ...alwys hunga-hunga!! hahahah love to tease her!! yayaya~
isha the opposite one..very the SIS power love their lili bro..hahahah juz like MAMA...yayaya
dura ..hahahah older than me op kous..very high class.....very easy going


DURA AND ISHA with tHEir LOvely mother~

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p/s: hahahah bez seh klo LIfe cam koranG~ 
very lucky to have 3 dolls as my cousin...