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Sunday, January 30, 2011

IM their SLAve !!!

FIRST DIVA little brother and sis alwys think im their slave..hahah y?? alwys nagging to do erghhh simple things..heheheh ...they ahve ultimate weapon that i'll never got to bet them ..that is CRY!!! heheheh my sis 8 YO and my brother 3 YO...heheheh nagging2 ..that their job!! erghhhh thanks god im a patients freak if not..i would slap their face one by one long time ago! gegegegeg.....

nurul alia and farid shah....erghhh ...very the diva lah this kid....STOP CRY!! NAGGING !! ... heheh

heheheh they r little so my parenz alwys listen to their Erghh story " IBU along kan BLA3" hahaha
sometime they colebrate with each other and sometime they fight with each other...that my sis and my bro..hahah crazy kid like me.....erghhh yelling ....shouting!!n heheheh that their daily activities.heheheh

THe diva in my family~
p/s: i'll make ur life miserable when u guys get older!! muahahahahahh< evil one gonna rule~heheheh